Every year, thousands of juveniles are arrested in Florida on various charges. Generally, they are treated leniently and given lighter sentences compared to their adult counterparts – due to the fact that they might not be mature enough to understand the consequences of their actions. In some cases, however, they might be tried as adults and given harsh sentences.

If a child in your family is facing juvenile crime charges, it is important you seek the assistance of a Miami criminal defense attorney and take the right steps to protect the child’s future and freedom.

The Most Common Juvenile Crimes in Florida 

Petit Theft

It is considered a ‘gateway crime’, since a vast majority of juvenile delinquents start out as petty thieves. Many of these crimes go unreported, as the stolen items are only worth a few dollars and the owners do not bother filing a report. As a result, juveniles get emboldened and go on to commit more serious offenses.

This is why it is important to contact a Miami criminal defense lawyer if your child is facing charges of petit theft. The lawyer might not only be able to have the charges dropped or reduced, but can also guide the child towards the right path and make sure he or she gets the help they need.

Disorderly Conduct

Under Florida law, the term ‘disorderly conduct’ refers to any act which violates or affects public order, decency, and morality. The most common offenses for which a juvenile might be charged with disorderly conduct include using offensive or obscene language at someone at their home or place of work, public intoxication, loitering, obstructing traffic, and brawling in public.

Disorderly conduct in Florida can result in a misdemeanor charge, which can be contested with the help of a Miami criminal defense attorney.


Also known as criminal mischief, vandalism refers to the act of damaging or defacing someone’s property, which can result in a misdemeanor charge.

Alcohol And Drug Related Offenses

Research shows that juveniles tend to drink and do drugs primarily due to peer pressure, as it is considered cool among their counterparts. Once they get hooked, they not only consume more and more alcohol and drugs, but also become belligerent enough to commit serious offenses. So, if your child is facing alcohol or drug related charges, it is critical to seek the guidance of a Miami criminal defense lawyer.

Assault and Battery

In Florida, a juvenile can be charged with assault if they threaten someone with violence by word or act and charged with battery if they make physical contact with someone against their will.


It refers to the act of entering someone’s property with the explicit intention of taking their property.

Choose the Right Miami Criminal Defense Attorney to Defend Your Child

If your child is facing criminal charges in Florida, it is important to hire a criminal defense attorney who is not only skilled, but is also empathetic and cares deeply about your child’s wellbeing.

Attorney Chad Piotrowski has a track record of successfully defending juveniles facing criminal charges in Florida – from vandalism to aggravated assault and battery. A former prosecutor, Chad Piotrowski is well-equipped to handle all kinds of juvenile cases and can have the charges against your child dismissed or reduced to the extent possible.

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