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By: Chad

DUI Expungement in Miami: Clearing Your Record After DUI Conviction


Moving Forward With a Clear Record

If you have a DUI charge on your record, it can impede you from moving forward in several aspects of your life. Aside from wanting to have a reputation free of convictions for personal reasons, a record with a DUI can affect you professionally, educationally, and more.

Removing this DUI from your record would be ideal, but Florida law doesn’t allow for expungement of DUI’s at this time. There are other options which we will discuss in this article.

How Can a DUI Negatively Affect My Life in Miami?

A DUI will appear both on your driving and criminal records. This reality can mean that you can suffer consequences from several different angles for years to come.

A DUI can significantly increase your insurance premiums, making it hard to balance a budget for years. Furthermore, some insurance companies may no longer insure you as you may put yourself in a high-risk category, and they may reject underwriting.

If you don’t own a vehicle, consider looking into SR-22 insurance, which still covers property damage or injuries but at a discounted rate.

Some employment opportunities may not hire someone with a DUI on their record. Though employers are forbidden from discriminating against those with a criminal record, if you don’t possess a valid driver’s license, you may not be able to work for a company that requires you to operate a company or personal vehicles.

It’s important to note that in some cases, you can get your DUI expunged from your driving record after a certain amount of time has passed, but this may not be an option for all individuals.

Other professions, such as teachers, nurses, commercial truck drivers, government employees, and law enforcement, require a clean background check, which may make you ineligible.

Other Negative Affects of a DUI on Your Record

You may also see issues regarding a DUI on your record if you wish to travel internationally. Some countries don’t allow those with DUI convictions in their country, or they will have to wait a certain period of time before they can successfully enter.

A DUI may bar you from excelling in or joining the military. Each branch is different and will be determined by other details, such as your current rank and past infractions on your record.

If you are applying for colleges or training to further your career, having a DUI on your record may be an issue.

Finally, securing loans or other financial opportunities with a DUI on your record may be difficult. Each financial institution will be different and will require specific details. If you are unable to get a loan through one bank, you may be eligible for one elsewhere, but it will require footwork on your behalf.

Can I Have My DUI Records Sealed?

One option may be to have your DUI charges dismissed or reduced, allowing you to seal your records in the future and keep the DUI information off your background checks.

For example, if you had the charges reduced to reckless driving, you may be eligible in the future to have your charges sealed or expunged and can act as if the charges never occurred. This legal option can mean you can now answer “no” on job applications, college applications, and more; barring internet searches, don’t pull up anything related to your previous charges.

Also, depending on your previous criminal history, if you have a relatively clean slate, you may be able to petition a judge through an experienced lawyer to have them seal your records, which can eliminate the conviction from public view.

What Does Withhold Adjudication Mean in Florida?

According to Florida state law, some judges will choose to withhold adjudication for certain offenses, such as a DUI. What this means is that the punishment can be probation rather than a conviction. First-time offenders can be good candidates for a withhold adjudication, and in some rare cases, repeat offenders may also have this option.

This option means that the charges will remain on your record but are generally easier to get sealed from public view.

Other Options To Avoid a Permanent Record

Florida State offers a DUI Rehabilitation Offenders Program, which is typically available to first-time offenders. Participants in the program can successfully complete DUI school, Mothers Against Drunk Driving victim impact panel, and community service to be eligible to have their charges reduced to reckless driving upon completion.

A Unique Skillset Could Be the Advantage You Need

As you can see, without being proactive in the charges against you, you may be left with little options to have a DUI charge removed or sealed from your record. What you can do, however, is team up with a tireless and capable team that can advocate for you and try to stay ahead of the charges.

With the unique experience of being a former Assistant State Attorney, Chad has a different perspective when stepping into the courtroom, and one that offers him a competitive edge to help his clients avoid unnecessary charges.

Contact us today at (786) 933-6242 to schedule your free initial consultation. We will work with you to learn more about your case and determine your options. Although calling us before you go to court for your DUI can be incredibly powerful, we will work with clients after they have been convicted to help them clear up their records as effectively as possible. Don’t wait to ensure you have a better future with a clean slate. Call us today.