How to Handle Racial Profiling by Florida Police

The vast majority of South Florida police officers conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. They protect our streets and put their lives on the line daily. Sometimes, however, police act in a manner unbecoming of the uniform they wear. When profiling occurs by the police, they do a disservice to their profession, their community, and themselves. Racial profiling is a problem that far too many in Miami have to deal with regularly. Here is how you should handle racial profiling by Miami police.

Common Signs of Racial Profiling and What to Do

Racial profiling is easy to detect, but difficult to define. It is even more challenging to prove in court. There are, however, clear indicators which usually point towards the existence of racial profiling. Here are three of the most common signs of racial profiling by Miami police:

Aggressive Questioning

One of the most apparent signs of profiling is a distinct interest by the police in a person’s clothing. When the police begin to question a person without probable cause for suspicion aggressively, they are essentially making preformed judgments about them – or profiling. Often, these questions center around clothing, how the person dresses, and similar topics.

Police receive training designed to keep them calm and courteous in the most trying of circumstances. While an angry or belligerent officer may be the result of a stressful day, it may also be the result of deliberate racial profiling.

In these situations, it is best to remain calm and attentive, avoiding escalating the confrontation further. By continuing to be composed you can de-escalate the situation, and you will be more likely to remember key details about the incident.

Unexplained Escalation

Similar to aggressive question, sometimes police will profile an individual by quickly escalating a situation or increasing a penalty with no explanation. If, for example, a person is forced out of their vehicle and arrested for what would typically be a routine stop or ticket, this may be profiling. If the officer escalates the situation by demanding to search your vehicle, this is profiling – primarily if no probable cause exists. Probable cause refers to the suspicion of a criminal activity taking place, such as the smell of alcohol or marijuana in the vehicle.

If you experience an unexplained escalation with police, once again you should remain calm to attempt to reduce the tension. If an officer is merely having a bad day, perhaps this will give them a chance to cool down. If not, however, you likely have reason to believe profiling is taking place.

Suspect Racial Profiling? Call Piotrowski Law Today

Nobody deserves to be discriminated against based on their race, gender, sexual orientation or creed. This protection is especially true when it concerns the police. When the police racially profile, they need to be held responsible for their actions.

If you suspect you were the victim of racially profiling, you need to call Piotrowski Law today. Chad Piotrowski is a dogged, determined defender of the rights of those who suffer racial profiling. A former prosecutor in Miami-Dade, Chad has the unique ability to anticipate prosecution techniques and craft the perfect defense for his clients. Call South Florida’s premier criminal defense attorney. Call Piotrowski Law today at 305-204-5000 for a free consultation about your case.