Being charged with a federal crime can be a terrifying experience to say the least. The possibility of serving time in a federal prison can unnerve even the strongest of people. It can also cause them to make mistakes that can end up making things a lot worse for them. It’s best to have a knowledgeable and trusted federal defense attorney on your side to protect your rights.

In this post, we will take a look at four common mistakes that experienced federal lawyers would want their clients to avoid.

Talking to Federal Agents

The oft-repeated phrase ‘anything you say can and will be used against you’ is something you need to keep in mind when it comes to dealing with law enforcement officials – especially federal agents. Even a casual, off-handed remark made by you can be used to build a case against you. This is why federal lawyers say that a defendant should never, ever talk to an investigator or prosecutor without having an attorney by their side.

Talking to Other People about the Case

Talking to anyone – whether it is a family member, friend, coworker, or a neighbor – about your case or the charges you are facing can prove to be a costly mistake. That is because the prosecutors can subpoena them to testify against you.

Federal lawyers also say that sharing your thoughts about the case on social media can be equally disastrous. The posts, pictures, and videos you upload can be used against you by the prosecution. Even if you set your account to private, federal prosecutors can easily get the information they want. They can subpoena your social media followers if required and force them to testify against you.

This is why federal lawyers typically insist that the only person you should talk to about your case is your attorney.

Trying to Get Rid of Potential Evidence

This is perhaps the biggest mistake you can make if you are facing federal charges. Firstly, destroying evidence can only strengthen the case against you. Secondly, and more importantly, destruction of potential evidence is a crime in itself. So, you could face more charges.

Moreover, depending on what kind of evidence it is and how it was obtained, it might not even be admissible in court. So, there is no need for you to unnecessarily incriminate yourself by trying to get rid of the evidence.

Hiring an Inexperienced Lawyer

Federal agencies have unlimited resources and can afford to take all the time they need to build the strongest possible case against you. An inexperienced lawyer, who has never handled federal cases before, might not be able to provide you with the aggressive defense you need. So, it is extremely important to hire a federal criminal defense lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours before.

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