A criminal record can hurt you much more in the long run than the immediate consequences of being convicted of a crime. To protect your long term reputation and professional opportunities, it makes sense to talk to a Miami expungement lawyer who can help you restore your good name.

Pursuing a petition to expunge or seal your criminal records is an arduous process, for which you need support from a dedicated Miami expungement attorney. When you are an adult or a juvenile, you deserve a fresh start to life, which is possible by obtaining an Order to Expunge or Seal your criminal record.

What is the Sealing of a Record?

Having your criminal record sealed by a court means that confidential information related to this matter will be hidden from future employers and the general public, and will not show up in a public background check. But the existence of the criminal record (without the actual contents) could still show up if: 

  • You are subjected to criminal prosecution in future 
  • You seek to be employed with a criminal justice agency 
  • You seek to work or be licensed with certain government agencies related to children, families, healthcare, education, and people with disability
  • You apply for a license with the Florida Bar as a legal practitioner 
  • You seek access to or be employed with a seaport in Florida 
  • You seek to buy/own a firearm 

What is an Expungement?

Your Miami expungement lawyer will explain to you the process of expungement, which will involve the physical destruction of your criminal record. This will result in your information remaining confidential from future employers, the general public, and will not show up in a background search. But you should be aware that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement will still retain your criminal record. 

The advantage with expungement is that the record cannot be disclosed to anyone except to law enforcement agencies. The Florida Bar and criminal justice agencies will be made aware of the expungement, but the record will not be accessible to them. 

As long as you are not engaging with law enforcement or other specified agencies, you have a right to deny the events that the expungement or record sealing has covered. In that sense, for most purposes, after expungement or record sealing, your status is restored to the way it was prior to the criminal act. 

What Happens if You are Found Not Guilty? 

If you are acquitted in a criminal trial in Florida, it does not mean that the expungement of your record will occur on its own. You will still have to pursue record sealing, and thereafter complete the legal process for expungement. Therefore, it is prudent to have a knowledgeable Miami expungement attorney by your side through the entire process.

Consult with an Experienced Miami Expungement Lawyer  

At Piotrowski Law, we believe that you deserve a second chance and we will work hard to see that your criminal record is sealed or expunged so that you can move on in life. We will create a sharp legal strategy to achieve this goal, and you can be assured of Chad Piotrowski’s personal attention to your case. For a free consultation, call (305) 363-1711 or contact us online.