Got Arrested For A DUI In Palm Beach County?

Probably everyone has heard the slogans: “Drive sober or get pulled over,” “Stay alive, don’t drink and drive,” or “Over the limit. Under arrest.” These types of slogans are all over South Florida and when you stop to think about it – everyone should know it’s not safe to drink and drive. However, life happens and once you have made this mistake there is no going back. Rather than worry about what you should have done or dwell on the past, it’s important that you focus on what to do after being arrested.

Palm Beach DUI

Retain An Experienced DUI Attorney

The first step to take after being arrested for a DUI in Palm Beach County is to retain an experienced DUI lawyer. DUIs are a special case and practicing law in that area means having a deep understanding of how the process works. From there, the next step any experienced attorney will take it to fight for the protection of your driver’s license. Within 10 days of your arrest, you must request a formal hearing regarding the status of your license if you hope to keep it – and once this window is gone, it’s gone. Fortunately, if this is your first DUI, you might have some other powerful tools on your side.

The Palm Beach County DUI Diversion Program

If this is your first DUI and you haven’t had prior felony charges, it may be possible to qualify for a DUI Diversion Program. This is where a skilled and experienced attorney will be essential to your outcome. And, if you qualify, you may be able to reduce your charge from a DUI conviction to a reckless driving conviction, which can greatly reduce the penalties suffered.

In addition to this being your first time, some other requirements of a diversion program include:

  • There was no property damage
  • No minor children or pets were in your vehicle
  • Having a valid license
  • You were not also charged with felony drug possession at the time of your arrest
  • You haven’t previously completed any diversion programs

Navigating The Legal Repercussions of A DUIarrested in west palm for dui

Whether or not this is your first DUI, navigating the legal landscape can be tough. Fines can be steep and handling the various program requirements afterward can be tough. Fortunately, having an attorney on your side to navigate these legal consequences can be invaluable.

Your South Florida DUI Attorney

At Piotrowski Law, you can employ the services of a premier DUI attorney to fight for your rights. Our extensive experience in this area of law means we have familiarity with the process and can guide you through it every step of the way. Swift action and a coordinated response can be your best defense in this sort of case, so having an experienced attorney on your side is invaluable to ensure you come out with your life intact.

The penalties for a DUI in Florida can be harsh, so don’t put your future at risk. Call Piotrowski Law at (561) 614-5000 and find out how we can help you navigate these turbulent waters.

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