U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can conduct federal immigration raids where they suspect illegal migrants. However, migrant families with mixed-status and undocumented immigrants have basic constitutional rights in the United States. They must exercise these rights at their workplace, public places, or their home during an encounter with ICE. 

One of the key rights is that in the absence of a valid search warrant signed by a judge, an ICE agent cannot enter an immigrant’s home. If you receive an illegal deportation order, you should immediately speak to an immigration criminal defense lawyer who can provide you effective legal representation. This article will detail your rights if ICE comes to your door.

Know Your Rights

If you find that ICE agents are at your door, stay calm, and make sure to keep the door closed. Even if you unknowingly open the door, it does not give them the automatic permission to enter your home. However, it is always better to speak to ICE only through the door. 

Remember your rights under all circumstances. If the ICE agents have an arrest warrant against you, they are legally permitted to come inside your home if they believe you are inside. However, if they only have a warrant for your deportation or removal (Form I-205), then it does not give them the right to enter your home without your consent. You should consult with an ICE deportation lawyer to learn more about your rights as an immigrant.      

Tips to Follow if ICE Knocks at Your Door 

Here are a few guidelines from the Florida Immigrant Coalition to follow if an ICE agent is at your doorstep:

  • Do not open the door. 
  • ICE deportation lawyerRequest to see a judicial warrant. (The agents can slide it under your door.)
  • Check whether a judge signed the warrant and if it has your correct name and address. If accurate information is missing, you can say that you are refusing their entry to your home and that you will speak to an immigration criminal defense attorney
  • Remain silent until speaking with an attorney. 
  • Don’t sign any document until your attorney is present, especially if you do not understand what it says. 
  • Don’t provide any information about your birthplace, your background, or when or how you arrived in the United States. 
  • Do not mislead them or furnish any fake documents. 

ICE agents have a right to enter your home if you’re on probation, and there is a reason for a search.

Rights of Permanent Residents and Naturalized Immigrants

A permanent resident or a naturalized immigrant can inform ICE agents about their immigration status. However, the agents could still detain them if they are unable to submit documents to prove their status.

Therefore, keep your green card or permanent residence card always with you. If these documents are missing, remain silent and speak to a competent immigration criminal defense lawyer. If ICE agents take you into custody or detain you, you still have the right to speak to an attorney. 

Defend Yourself From ICE With Piotrowski Law

If you find yourself in a situation where ICE comes to your door to detain and deport you, you need to remember your rights and speak with an experienced and professional immigration attorney as soon as possible. Piotrowski Law has the knowledge and expertise to prevent ICE from violating your civil liberties. Call us today at 305-930-6652 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation. ICE may fight to bring charges against you, but we will fight tirelessly to defend your rights.