Many individuals convicted of Florida crimes are sentenced to probation instead of going to jail. While an accusation of a probation violation may result in revocation of your probation and even more time behind bars, a Florida probation violation does not automatically lead to a jail or prison sentence. With an aggressive Miami probation violation lawyer working to build a solid defense, your chances of receiving a positive outcome are greatly increased.


In Miami and throughout the State of Florida, individuals convicted of crimes who do not pose a serious threat to society may be placed on probation in lieu of a jail or prison sentence. Probation involves formal supervision by a probation officer for a specified period, and it is the court that determines the specific probation terms and conditions that must be followed. In Florida, your probation conditions may require you to:

  • Report to your probation officer at scheduled intervals
  • Allow visits from your probation officer
  • Maintain a curfew
  • Maintain suitable employment
  • Live in a specified location
  • Pay restitution to the crime victim(s)
  • Perform community service
  • Avoid  violating any laws
  • Refrain from contact with individuals involved in criminal activity
  • And more

Florida probation conditions prohibit many other activities including carrying firearms or weapons and possession or use of controlled substances, unless prescribed by a doctor. If you are on probation for a Miami criminal drug offense, you are also required to submit to and pass random drug tests.


If you fail to comply with the conditions of your probation, you can be charged with a Miami probation violation. A warrant will be issued for your arrest, and once arrested, you may be held in a county jail until your Florida probation violation hearing. Examples of common Florida probation violations include:

  • Arrest for a new crime (“new law violation” or “substantive violation”)
  • Testing positive for drugs (“technical violation”)
  • Possession of illegal drugs or weapons
  • Failure to pay restitution
  • Moving to a new residence without permission
  • Missing or being late to probation meetings with your probation officer (“Absconding”)
  • Failure to complete court-mandated community service or counseling
  • And more


You are entitled to legal representation from a Miami probation violation attorney during your probation violation hearing. Since your Florida probation hearing will be before a judge, not a jury, the judge will decide whether to reinstate your probation, modify your probation, or revoke your probation. If your probation is revoked, the judge has the right under Florida law to impose the maximum penalty for the Florida criminal charges for which you were placed on probation. This can mean going back to prison or spending time in the Miami-Dade County jail. Because you are facing more severe penalties, it is crucial to have a highly skilled Florida probation violation lawyer on your side to protect your rights during your Florida probation violation hearing.


If you have been accused of a probation violation in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, or anywhere in the State of Florida, it is important to retain the services of an experienced Miami probation violation attorney immediately. Skilled Miami probation violation attorney, Chad Piotrowski, is experienced in helping clients all over the State of Florida who have been charged with probation violations. Chad will work hard to eliminate or reduce the probation violation charges against you in order to lessen the negative consequences you are currently facing. Call the Law Offices of Chad Piotrowski today to make an appointment to discuss your Miami probation violation case and the best options available to you.

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[There] aren’t that many people left in this world that give you[their] word and keep it. Chad genuinely cares about the problem at hand. Whether minute or something very serious you can sit back and relax, knowing you have the best representation available. I would recommend Chad to my family and friends.

– Client

(Jan 15, 2013) I had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Chad when we were both supervising attorneys within the Domestic Violence Unit at the State Attorney’s Office here in Miami-Dade County. We successfully tried numerous jury trials together, and I always look forward to the opportunity of working with him again on any matter. Chad is a phenomenal attorney whose training, experience, intelligence and trial skills are only matched by his commitment to excellence. He is very trustworthy, hard working, and always uses his experience to get positive results for his clients without fail. As such, Chad’s stellar reputation amongst the legal community is very well deserved.

– Robin Pimentel (Worked together on matter)

I have known Chad as both a dedicated prosecutor as well as an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who regularly achieves well beyond his clients’ expectations.

– Thomas Mote (Fellow lawyer in community)

(Feb 7, 2013) Mr. Piotrowski is a highly skilled lawyer. He has an outstanding reputation with the judges. I endorse this lawyer!

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(Jan 8, 2018) When i first contacted through email i was suprised and impressed that he was willing to call me to discuss the case at 10pm. He was honest and real reasonable priced and didnt use agressive sales and fear tactics like other lawyers use. He treated me fairly and not like a criminal. Was falsely arrested by miami dade narc cops for preworkout supplement that they claimed was opoids and 100% cbd hemp oil that they claimed is thc oil. Chad was agressive and moved quickly got this case dismised at the araignment for a reasonable price.

– Doug (Case dismissed at araignment)

(Oct 26, 2017) I called Chad on a weekend for a free consult, he was at the park with his family, he was hired on the spot as we spoke. We researched him online extensively, read reviews etc. During the months of anxiety, Chad would call/text to explain anything or address concerns and try to calm my nerves. He doesn’t act/talk strict & binding. He’s very hands-on, experienced, knows his work, 110% trustworthy, very out-going, straight-forward tells you as it is, crack jokes, and actually keeps in communication, which is very important, because being informed helps you to understand everything as you go along. So, here you have a lawyer who is not only good at law but is a people’s person, not like some unpleasant, overpriced ones out there. We recommend Chad to ANYONE. If you’re in doubt or worried about something, trust HIM! He was also very affordable and had a very convenient payment plan. CASE DISMISSED.

– Anonymous

(Jan 8, 2017) Chad is an excellent attorney. As a working parent I was not able to be at court to support my daughter while going through criminal charges. Chad was there every single time supporting my daughter by keeping her informed, by contacting her previous attorneys from out of State to reduce her case from criminal to civil. There are no words I can ever express to convey my gratitude.
Thank you Chad

– Carmen

(Jan 6, 2016) I had three trumped up felony charges over something that should have been a police warning at most and the prosecution really, really wanted to pin on me.
Chad went above and beyond both in how he treated me and how he handled the case. My life isn’t ruined right now because of him. He got everything DISMISSED while every other attorney i spoke to were happy to take whatever offer they were given, still leaving me with a ruined record.
Chad, thank you, hiring you was the best decision I’ve ever made.

– Raymond

(Dec 4, 2013) Chad was fantastic. I had a felony case, and as my first offense, I was scared and confused on the entire process. I am glad I choose Chad to represent me, after speaking with so many lawyers. He was honest and detailed from the beginning. He got my case dismissed.

– Anonymous

If you need a lawyer in Miami I suggest you go with Chad Piotrowski. He was very adamant about beating my case. He put in maximum effort into my case. He mad me feel comfortable and confident the entire way throughout my case. In the end he fought to get me the very possible outcome. I would definitely retain his services again and recommend him to friends and family. Thank you Chad.

– Julian Sanchez

GREAT! Experience
Mr. Piotrowski is very professional. Mr. Piotrowski represented my nephew and we couldn’t ask for a better attorney. There was never a call not answered, emails and text messages were always answered.
I would refer anyone to mr. Piotrowski I would trust him with anyone in my family. If you need an attorney I guarantee Mr. Piotrowski is the one!!!
Thank you again!!

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