There are quite a few defense options available for someone who is facing robbery charges in Florida. You should never simply enter a guilty plea when faced with a criminal charge. There might not be enough evidence to convict you should the case go to trial. There also might be witnesses who cannot identify you as one of the participants in a robbery. That’s why it’s always important to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Broward County when charged with robbery. The advice and expertise will help you make an informed decision and help build a proper defense to the robbery charge.

robbery chargesntoxication

Intoxication has been used as a successful defense for subjects charged with robbery in the past. There are two types of intoxication used in this defense: involuntary and voluntary intoxication. Involuntary intoxication, when proven, will almost always have the charges dropped. Involuntary intoxication occurs when you show that you were drugged or under the influence of drugs due to someone else and not your own choosing.

Voluntary intoxication is when you voluntarily became drunk or impaired by using drugs or alcohol. Most of these cases will not see the charges dropped completely, but instead reduced if the subject can prove that there was no intent to commit robbery when the crime occurred. There needs to be intent present to commit violence in order to steal the property of someone else. If the subject can prove that there was no intent present the charges could wind up being reduced. At the very least, we can have the client undergo drug and/or mental health evaluations and use this as mitigation for a reduced sentence.

Alibi Defense

Another successful defense used to fight the idea that you are charged with robbery in Broward County is that you are innocent of the crime you’ve been accused of committing. The best way to succeed in this defense is to present a strong alibi to the court. Have witnesses ready to testify that they were with you all night in another location. Receipts of purchases for the same date and time of the robbery can also help clear you of any wrongdoing.

I Was Under Duress

Did someone force you to commit the robbery? This is what’s known as duress. If you were threatened with violence or death by someone else if you didn’t commit the robbery, you can use the defense of being under duress in court. This can wind up being a difficult defense to prove, especially if the defendant cannot sufficiently show that there was a definite fear of being harmed or if the defendant had plenty of opportunities to not commit the robbery in question.

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