Florida is quickly becoming one of the most popular states for tourists and permanent residents alike. Why? For starters, the tax implications of living in Florida are much more affordable than many other states. Secondly, there’s so much to do and see throughout the state that makes it a popular destination for people of all ages. 

With the growing popularity comes a lot more traffic. It’s not uncommon for someone to wind up in a car accident. What makes an accident worse is when the vehicle that causes the accident (otherwise known as the primary vehicle) does not remain at the scene, resulting in a hit and run incident. Today, the team from Piotrowski Law will discuss the common defenses to hit and run charges in Florida.

Responding to an Emergency

One of the most common defenses to a hit and run charge in Florida is that you were responding to an emergency. This is not a defense that is easily won. You will legitimately need to have been responding to an emergency when involved in a hit and run accident. 

For example, you were rushing a pregnant woman to the hospital who was in labor. Or, a passenger was shot and you are rushing them to the emergency room. Maybe a passenger in the vehicle is having a heart attack. It must be a legitimate emergency in order for the court to consider this a valid defense.

Involuntary Intoxication

Another hit and run defense used in Florida is that of involuntary intoxication. This is incredibly difficult to prove, but it has been successful in the past. Involuntary toxication means that you were unknowingly drugged, which led to intoxication and the subsequent accident. A lot of evidence will need to be included in your case in order to show the judge that you were drugged and it led to your hit and run crash.

Not Aware of Injury or Damage

Yet again, a hit and run defense lawyer might suggest the defense of being unaware that you caused an injury or damage in an accident. Again, a lot of strong evidence will be needed to prove you had no idea that you injured someone or damaged property in order for this defense to be successful in a Florida courtroom. At the same time, you can argue that the only injury caused by the accident was to you and not to any other driver, pedestrian or passenger.

Forced to Flee the Scene

Defending hit and run charges is not easy. Another defense you and an attorney can employ in an effort to have the charges reduced or dropped is that you were forced to flee the scene of the crash. For example, were you carjacked and then involved in an accident? The person who carjacked you will likely force you to keep driving. Another reason that you would be forced to leave the scene is if a passenger in the vehicle is severely injured, or you are, and you want to get to the hospital as quickly as possible.

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