how to avoid probation violationThe U.S. has the world’s highest incarceration rate. Housing, feeding, and securing prisoners is incredibly expensive, so the government allows certain criminals to go on probation.

Probation is a sanction that can be ordered by the judge. This sanction lets a person stay in their community, as long as a probation officer is supervising them. However, certain criminal offenses send you straight to jail without ever having the offer of probation available.

Probation settings can have different regulations such as community service, counseling, paying fines, reporting to a probation officer, and restrictions on drugs, alcohol, and weapons. Being on probation doesn’t exempt you from going to jail. Some conditions can require you to spend some time locked up before going on probation.

Probation violations are serious criminal matters that can land you back in jail. It is important to check-in with your probation officer when requested and follow the terms of your probation. If you have any questions, it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced Miami criminal defense attorney from Piotrowski Law.

Ways to Avoid Violating Your Probation

You must follow all the conditions that come with your probation; otherwise, there are grave consequences. These consequences include fines, jail time, additional charges, and more. If you are sent back to jail you will be unable to work. Here are ways not to violate your probation.

Always Remain Compliant

Avoiding violations is simple. Follow the rules. Complete your required community service, attend scheduled meetings with your probation officer, and give time for counseling.

Compliance is key to redeeming yourself. Ultimately, the constant act of following rules can change bad habits, such as alcoholism and substance abuse. These rules exist to prevent future problems from arising.

Stay Away From Things or People That Got You On Probation

More often than not, probation cases are caused by someone or something. If you got caught with an illicit substance, avoid places or circumstances that trigger you to look for it. 

If you have bad influences, avoid contact with them. Should you get seen with gang members or even notorious locations, you may risk giving authorities the wrong idea even if you aren’t doing anything against the rules. Probation is temporary; a little sacrifice will get you through it.

Take Initiative

Even on probation, putting your best foot forward benefits you. You can establish a good relationship with your probation officer. It would be mutually beneficial as you will no longer be a great concern for him or her. In some cases, you may be considered for a motion for early termination of probation.

Moreover, you can take constant urine tests, follow through your regular payment of fines, and even find ways to motivate yourself towards your goal. Belief is always important for a successful undertaking. As long as you believe that you can succeed, you are halfway there. A Miami criminal defense attorney can aid you in your efforts to avoid a probation violation. Simply consult with Piotrowski Law to discuss all of these tips and how you can stay out of jail or avoid additional charges.

Consequences of Probation Violation

What is worse than probation is a probation violation. These violations have grave consequences. Since you are already on the radar, it would be like adding salt to a wound. Your violation can extend the length of your probation or can result in the withdrawal of probation, resulting in the jail time you had previously avoided and/or the payment of a fine.

Having Issues With Your Probation? Call Piotrowski Law Today

Probation doesn’t mean that you are free. It exists so that you can have a shot at proving that you can change and eventually be a productive member of society. If you have any questions about probation, feel free to contact us. We are experienced Miami based attorneys who understand the intricacies of the criminal justice system. Call Chad Piotrowski today at 305-363-1711 to schedule a consultation. You can also visit us online to complete a contact form. We want to help you return to a life outside of jail by avoiding probation violations.