Being the target of a federal investigation is not something you can afford to take lightly. Federal cases are quite different from state cases, as federal agencies have unlimited resources at their disposal and can afford to take as much time as they need to build a solid case against you – as well as other parties who might be involved. So, it is vital to make sure you are represented by a capable and experienced federal criminal defense lawyer.

When Should You Call a Federal Defense Attorney?

Ideally, you should contact a federal defense attorney as soon as you come to know that you are under investigation. It should be noted that being under investigation does not mean you are guilty of something.

Depending on the circumstances, you could be a witness, subject, or the target of the investigation.

  •       If you are a witness, your role is limited to providing information that the federal agency can use to build a case against the defendants.
  •       If you are a subject, it means you have done something that ‘falls within the scope of a federal investigation’. Depending on what you did, you may or may not face charges.
  •       If you are the target, it means there is substantial evidence available to link you to a federal offense.

Regardless of whether you are a witness, subject, or the target of a federal investigation, it is imperative that you should be represented by an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer.

There are three signs that can indicate that you are under investigation by a federal agency.

A Knock on The Door

The federal agents investigating your case might pay a visit to your home or office and tell you that they need to talk to you about a case. It is important to recognize the sensitivity of the situation. Avoid being rude, and do not panic either. At the first opportunity, consult with a trusted federal criminal defense lawyer.

A Grand Jury Subpoena

They might send you a grand jury subpoena if they believe that you have information or evidence that might help them with their investigation. By issuing a subpoena, they can access the documentary evidence you have or get you to testify before the grand jury.

A Target Letter

This is the most telling sign that you are the target of a federal investigation. Technically, a target letter is not the same as a court order. However, ignoring a target letter can make things worse for you and you might get arrested eventually.

Need a Reliable Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer to Represent You?

A federal investigation is an extremely serious business and the consequences of taking it lightly can be worse than you can imagine. If you believe that you are under federal investigation, contact experienced federal criminal defense attorney Chad Piotrowski right away.

A highly accomplished federal criminal defense lawyer, Chad Piotrowski has extensive knowledge of federal law and has successfully defended several clients charged with federal crimes over the years.

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