Perceptions surrounding marijuana are changing rapidly in today’s society. At one point, the general populous saw cannabis as a hardcore, gateway drug, but now it is gaining notoriety for its medicinal qualities, such as the ability to treat an assortment of physical and mental health ailments. With this shift in consciousness, the substance is becoming both legally and socially acceptable. Due to the speed of this change, the laws are confusing for many medical and recreational users alike. This article seeks to sort out this puzzling situation and resolve any misconceptions regarding marijuana.

How Do Patients Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card?  

In January 2017, marijuana became a legally valid solution for patients with a medicinal necessity. However, what warrants a medicinal card can be somewhat limited in Florida. The following are some of the conditions doctors prescribe marijuana for:

  • Various cancers
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • HIV
  • AIDS
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma

Feel free to consult us at any time if you are unclear as to whether or not you are an eligible prospect for a medical marijuana card based on your condition.

Can I Be Arrested for Possession If I Have a Medical Marijuana Card While on Probation?

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In short, no. As long as you have the proper prescription and paperwork, you are not breaking the law. The legal consumption of marijuana will not affect your probation. We recommend seeking a Court Order directing your Probation Officer not to violate you for using or possessing Marijuana.

Nevertheless, there are a few contingencies to keep in mind. Just because you have a medical marijuana card doesn’t mean that you have free reign to do whatever you want. For instance, what isn’t allowed is carrying more than your allotment for 70 days. Moreover, any cultivation from a plant is also illegal.

What’s especially important to keep in mind is that you MUST only receive your cannabis from a legal medicinal dispensary. A medical marijuana card does not allow you to purchase from a recreational source during any circumstances.

What am I Allowed to Consume Under a Medical Marijuana License?

You are allowed to smoke or ingest anything purchased at a legal dispensary. It is not permissible to exceed a 70-day supply even if you have a card.

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