[vc_empty_space height=”13vw”]A parent’s worst nightmare is learning that their child or children have been kidnapped. Knowing that a stranger has abducted your beloved kids is a truly heart-wrenching experience – one that no parent should have to live through. At Piotrowski Law, we strive to ensure the safety of all of our clients. Here is everything you need to know about keeping your children safe from kidnapping.

Preventative Safety Tips for Parents

Talk Openly with Your Children

According to Kenneth Wooden, president and founder of Child Prevention, an organization which seeks to inform about, and prevent, sexual abuse and abduction, speaking openly and honestly is key to keeping your children safe. “Hundreds of pedophiles have told me, ‘Show me a kid who knows nothing about sex and I will show you my next victim,'” Wooden has said.

Wooden suggests making sure that your children understand what is acceptable for their age levels. For young children, for example, they should know that their private parts are off-limits and that they should tell their parents if someone tries to touch them there or make them feel uncomfortable. Being honest and open with your children may feel awkward, but it helps to educate them, and it shows them that you care about their safety.

Trust Your Gut Instincts

The best way to keep your children safe is to go with your gut. That’s the advice Wooden gives to all parents who want to keep their children safe from abduction. “The only way to know if someone is a sex offender is if they have a record — or if a mom has good instincts,” says Wooden.

Similarly, if your child says that they feel uncomfortable around someone, trust them. If they feel this way, there is probably something to it – their intuition is their prima survival instincts kicking in. If you trust your gut reaction – and that of your child – you’ve gone a long way in creating an environment where you’re both aware of the threat of kidnapping.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking devices, like the Kidsport GPS, are stylish, wearable technology designed especially for children to allow their parents to be able to track them using their smartphones, tablets or computers. The system includes an alert button, which allows your children to send an immediate emergency text if they need your help, as well as a secure latch to prevent its removal and an alarm if the device is removed.

Ten Safety Tips to Teach Your Children

Besides educating yourself, there are a wide variety of helpful tips and information which you can teach your children to help keep them safe from kidnapping. Here are ten of our personal favorites:

  1. Teach them to remember their name, address and any important telephone numbers
  2. How and when to dial 9-1-1
  3. That it’s good to run to safety when they are scared
  4. To beware of adults that ask them to keep secrets
  5. What the difference is between “good” and “bad” secrets
  6. If they got lost at a store or shopping center, to ask the closest clerk for help
  7. Not to accept rides from strangers
  8. To never let anyone know that they are home alone
  9. To fight, kick and scream if someone tries to grab them or abduct them
  10. Never to be afraid to tell their parents if someone is making them uncomfortable

At Piotrowski Law, we hope you never have to experience the pain of child abduction. Following these tips is a great start to ensuring your kids are safe.

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