Florida Concealed Carry Law: How Do I Have to Carry My Gun in My Car?

florida concealed carry lawThere is a Florida concealed carry law in effect in the Sunshine State, but it still causes confusion. For example, if you have a concealed carry permit, can you carry a firearm in your vehicle? If so, where should you place the gun while driving? What if an officer initiates a traffic stop and finds your firearm? We will strive to answer these pressing questions in this post and help you understand your rights concerning personal weapons in your vehicle. 

Can I Carry My Gun in the Car?

The simple answer to this question is, “Yes.” Under Florida law, you technically do not even need a concealed carry permit to have a firearm in your vehicle. However, the gun cannot be in open view to yourself or anyone else in the car. This stipulation means that the weapon must be in a concealed location, such as the glove box or trunk. You cannot shove it in between two seats, it cannot be on your person, and it cannot be on the seat next to you.

The best option is to place the gun in a secure container that is not easily accessible. You also cannot put the firearm in a holster and leave it in plain sight. The weapon should be in a locked box hidden under a seat or stored in the trunk of the vehicle, somewhere that you cannot access it easily while operating the vehicle.

What If I Have a Concealed Carry Permit?

miami concealed weapon defenseIf you have a concealed carry permit, you can still transport a firearm in your vehicle, but you must not exhibit it openly. Just because you have the permit to carry doesn’t mean the firearm can be in plain sight. If you do have the permit, the law allows you to have a gun on your person while in a vehicle. However, the gun cannot be visible. If you want to have the gun on your person, it should be in a holster or covered by a jacket, shirt, or another piece of clothing. This placement will help build a defense should you ever need to mount one with the help of a Miami criminal defense attorney.

How Does Law Enforcement Generate Probable Cause?

If pulled over by a police officer in Florida, and he or she spots a firearm in plain sight, this discovery can lead to probable cause. If the gun is in plain sight, this is a violation of Florida’s gun laws, which can lead to the officer searching the rest of the vehicle. You want to do everything possible to prevent probable cause during a traffic stop, which is why you should always keep your gun locked in a case that is nowhere near the driver’s seat.

Charged with a Gun Crime in Florida? Speak to an Attorney Today

If officers charge you with a gun crime in Florida, despite having a concealed carry permit, you need to protect your rights immediately by speaking to an experienced Miami criminal defense lawyer. Call the office of Piotrowski Law in Miami at 305-930-6652 to schedule a consultation today and employ an attorney who will fight for your innocence.