The elderly population in Florida and across the country is one of the most vulnerable to all types of abuse. The elderly are trusting, honest, and open to lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it. This is when many people take advantage of the elderly, even those who are in their own family. Have you been accused of elder abuse in South Florida? Whether the accusation involves physical, emotional, financial or any other form of abuse you need to mount a strong defense to the accusation. Today, we will explore how you can defend against an elder abuse domestic violence charge in South Florida.

elder abuseTypes of Elder Abuse

The most common types of elder abuse in Florida include the following:

The elderly are especially susceptible to all of these forms of abuse because of their good nature and easiness to trust other people. Many signs of natural aging align with the signs of physical elder abuse, which is why an accusation of such a crime might be false.

Defending Against an Elder Abuse Charge

If you are facing an elder abuse domestic violence charge, which means the reported incident involves a family member, you need to have a strong defense in place to prevent the charges from turning into a conviction. Domestic violence occurs when a family member physically attacks another family member or someone who lives in their home. If you truly did not commit the crime, you will want to present the following alternatives in court:

  • Your loved one fell getting out of bed, which led to their bruises
  • Your loved one fell in the bathroom (slipped and fell in the bathtub) and suffered a broken bone
  • Your loved one’s injuries were caused by their caretaker
  • Your loved one has dementia and does not remember falling and suffering an injury
  • Your loved one has been ill, their immune system compromised, and it has led to one or more of their injuries

When the accusation of elder abuse domestic violence is levied against you it’s important to build a strong defense. This begins with providing an alibi for your whereabouts the day of the supposed abuse. Make sure you have documented evidence of your whereabouts, which can include a receipt from a purchase, video evidence of where you were or witness testimony from anyone who was with you the day of the abuse. The best way to build a strong defense to elder abuse domestic violence charges is by working with a trusted and experienced defense attorney.

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