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Florida Expungement

Any Expungement lawyer will tell you that having criminal charges will have a negative impact on your life. It can affect job applications, student loan applications, and credit score even if the offense occurred many years ago. The best way for you to avoid this situation is to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer to process the expungement of your case.

What Happens When a Criminal Defense Lawyer Files for Expungement?

Expungement is also referred to as “expunction” or “setting aside a conviction; wherein any arrest or conviction is hidden from the eyes of the law. The federal government will always be able to see the charges. However, expunged cases are not seen by potential employers, credit issuers, academic institutions, and other entities that perform background checks.

The process of expungement in Florida usually takes 6 to 12 months. The lead time varies depending on several aspects, including:

  • How fast does the expungement attorney sign off the disposition of a case,
  • The efficiency of the county that is handling the case,
  • How fast does the Department of Law and Enforcement (FDLE) release the certificate of eligibility – this is one of the primary requirements that you need to fulfill in order for the court to consider your appeal to expunge your charges, and
  • The procedure utilized to assess a petition for expungement.

Expungement versus Sealing

Some people interchange expungement and sealing of records. Sealed records will be stored on file at the arresting police unit, FDLE and the courthouse. It is located in a sealed envelope and will not be accessible by the public unless the court gives an order to remove the seal.

On the other hand, copies of expunged records are destroyed at the courthouse and arresting police unit. Only the FDLE will maintain a copy of the records.

Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Expunge Any Kind of Conviction? 

Call Piotrowski Law today for a free consultation on whether or not your case is eligible to be expunged or sealed.

Consult a Expungement Lawyer to Seal or Expunge Your Convictions or Arrests

A skilled criminal defense lawyer can assist you in evaluating the facts of your case to determine if you are qualified to file for expungement. Contact Chad Piotrowski today for legal advice and representation on your case. Call 305(204)-5000 to schedule an appointment.

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