The Covid-19 pandemic has forced legal practices, just like most other businesses and professions, to adapt to remote working. In the prevailing environment, it is best to choose a remote Miami criminal attorney who has created capabilities to offer virtual legal services in addition to in-office consultations. 

When you are facing criminal charges, the stakes are extremely high, and thorough communication with your defense attorney is crucial. Your Miami criminal lawyer should be able to minimize the need for in-person contact, while still ensuring video or phone communication and providing you the best possible defense. 

Choose a Lawyer with Excellent Online Capabilities 

A second wave of the pandemic could once again create hurdles for face-to-face communication. There are no guarantees that it won’t happen when you are in the middle of a criminal case and need robust defense. Make sure your Miami criminal attorney has the following remote capabilities: 

Phone Communication 

Whether your criminal defense attorney and their staff are working from home or operating from the office, they should be available to attend to your calls promptly. Even when they are working remotely, they should have a system to reroute your calls to their cell phones. 

Online Document Sharing 

Your Miami criminal lawyer should have secure online systems and file-sharing apps in place to send or receive documents and other confidential emails. In the Covid-19 times, it will help if the physical exchange of documents can be minimized as far as possible. 

Video Conferencing 

Check whether your Miami criminal attorney has set up secure video conferencing facilities for any virtual meetings with clients as well as courts when needed. Communication over video calls can be far more effective when you need to discuss a critical issue related to your defense.  

When In-Person Meetings are Unavoidable 

During your criminal case proceedings, there could be situations when you cannot avoid in-person communication with your lawyer. Make sure that the law office is adhering to the recommended guidelines from the government for your protection. These include: 

  • Social distancing at your attorney’s office for face-to-face meetings 
  • Sanitized surfaces and air filters or other appropriate measures to minimize the risk of the virus spreading
  • Meeting outdoors or in well-ventilated areas to conduct in-person meetings when necessary

Visiting a Client who is Incarcerated  

Your criminal defense lawyer in Miami should be prepared to communicate and visit you if you have been detained or imprisoned. Some jails may be permitting lawyer-client visits with certain restrictions, while others may allow remote visits via video conferencing

In both situations, your attorney and their team should be able to follow the procedures and ensure that there are no communication gaps. The issues of communication and functioning may appear insignificant at first, but you cannot afford to ignore them. When it is a question of protecting your rights, freedom, and reputation, you cannot afford to take chances with an ill-prepared or poorly equipped attorney.

Speak to a Seasoned Miami Criminal Lawyer  

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