[vc_empty_space height=”13vw”]In 2016, 71.3% of the voters in Florida favored the expansion of medical marijuana through a constitutional amendment. However, although Florida has technically passed the law, citizens and dispensary owners are still grappling with the restrictions that the current legislature provides. At the moment, legislators and cannabis advocates are still ironing out the rules and regulations governing the legalization, establishment, production, intake, and procurement of medical marijuana in Florida.

New Developments in Medical Marijuana Laws in Florida 

There has been a string of developments when it comes to the regulations surrounding the distribution, production, and access to medical marijuana in Florida. Legislators and medical marijuana advocates are involved in a constant push and pull regarding the terms of the legislation on medical marijuana.

While lawmakers are keen to limit the amount of production and the number of people who can access the drug, advocates are fighting for better access and greater distribution. To know more, here are some of the newest developments in Florida’s medical marijuana law.

The Department of Health has approved two more medical marijuana operators in Florida.

Before the public vote in favor of the expansion of medical marijuana, only seven dispensaries were licensed to grow and distribute medical marijuana to the citizens of Florida. Governor Rick Scott’s approval of a bill laid in a special legislative session increased the ceiling of approved medical marijuana dispensaries across Florida from seven to seventeen.

This August, two more businesses were licensed by the state: Tornello Landscape (3 Boys Farms) and Plants of Ruskin. Both of these operators are based in Ruskin, Florida. Department of Health spokeswoman Mara Gambineri also revealed that the DOH are reviewing the approval of three more medical marijuana operators based in Florida.

Advocates argue for the revision of medical marijuana’s approved modes of administration.

Currently, patients are only able to consume marijuana in the form of pills, edibles, and oils. Vaping, rubbing on the skin, or dispensing droplets under the tongue are the only approved modes of administration of medical marijuana in Florida. Interestingly enough, smoking, which is probably the most known mode of consuming marijuana, is still banned under state law.

Cannabis advocate Attorney John Morgan is among those who want to revise the approved methods of medical marijuana administration. This July 2017, he filed a lawsuit stating that patients must be allowed to smoke marijuana in private. He argued that the language in the constitution only said that publicly smoking marijuana is illegal. The law that bans smoke-able forms of marijuana is therefore standing on thin ice.

Consult with a Trusted Florida Law Firm to Know More about the Legal Aspects of Medical Marijuana 

As there are still a lot of points of contention regarding the rules that govern medical marijuana, patients and distributors must be aware of the latest news with respect to this issue. Apart from the developments above, there are other medical marijuana news still in progress.

For instance, First Green Bank has granted financial services to medical marijuana businesses in Florida. The number of patients using medical marijuana has also increased drastically since the law’s approval.

In order to always be informed with your medical marijuana decisions, it is wise to consult with a law firm with years of experience dealing with such issues. Contact Piotrowski Law now and see how we can help you.