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Located in downtown Miami, Florida, Miami criminal defense attorney Chad Piotrowski runs the area’s most unassuming law practice.

Chad Piotrowski – the former dogged Assistant State Attorney for Miami-Dade – opened his private practice: Piotrowski Law, currently located in downtown Miami, Florida in 2010. With an extensive and storied background in prosecuting some of the toughest cases in the criminal circuit court, Piotrowski’s venture revolutionized the methods employed for tactical client representation.

Chad began his legal career in Wilmington, Delaware by obtaining his J.D. from Widener University School of Law.  Criminal defense came naturally, as evidenced by the Certificate of Achievement he was awarded for academic excellence in an advanced Criminal Procedure course.

Piotrowski’s nonpareil desire for excellence has driven him to unearth all degrees of the judicial system, sequentially establishing himself as a guardian of the community. Piotrowski began his studied understanding of the courtroom at the Narcotics Unit of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office by witnessing the inner workings of litigation firsthand. Piotrowski sharpened his research and legal writing during his Federal Clerkships with the Honorable Jacob P. Hart and the Honorable Linda K. Caracappa in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and later working in the very active Juvenile and Appellate divisions of the Lehigh County District Attorney’s Office, Piotrowski protected the residents of Pennsylvania while simultaneously learning every detail and intricacy of the tremendously complex legal apparatus.

South Florida became the next rung in Piotrowski’s ladder towards prominence in the legal community, migrating to the Sunshine State shortly after securing the coveted position of Assistant State Attorney for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida. Working under the direction of esteemed Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundel granted Piotrowski unprecedented access to the internal legal operations of the State as well as a sweeping comprehension of complex court cases. In less than a four-year span, Piotrowski was charged with the preparation and prosecution of thousands of cases and proved to be an invaluable asset to the State Attorney’s Office. Piotrowski’s mastery for prosecutorial convention prompted him to embark upon the independent endeavor of a private criminal defense attorney.

The current marketplace of legal practitioners has undergone a radical revision with the latterly forged Piotrowski Law. Piotrowski’s intimate understanding of the opposition in addition to his ability to accurately anticipate their strategy provides him with an unmatched arsenal of legal strategies. Piotrowski’s dual assimilation affords his clients a rare assurance, in all legal proceedings of the most dynamic counsel.

As a member of both the National and Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers as well as an affiliation with the Dade County Bar Association, Miami Beach Bar Association, American Bar Association, Federal Bar Association, and the National Committee for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Legal Committee Piotrowski yields an unparalleled level of representation for the sole benefit of his clientele.

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