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Help! I Have Been Arrested on Spring Break!

13 January 2018

In 2017, Ocean Rescue estimated that there were 136,330 visitors per weekend during Spring Break. Miami attracts college students from all around the country, and for good reason. The warm sunshine, the white sandy beaches, and the great party scene naturally draws in young people. As a matter of fact, South Beach is America’s top Spring Break destination for 2018.

Unfortunately, however, some people have a little bit too much fun. Miami Beach Police arrested 35 people in a single weekend last year. Police have consistently said that they were going to come down hard on Spring Breakers, to try and make sure things do not get out of control.

If you do get arrested while you are down here on Spring Break, just follow this guide.

Know the Crimes

The easiest way to handle being arrested is to not get arrested. In Florida, recreational marijuana is illegal. The police arrest a lot of people for crimes related to alcohol, such as disorderly intoxication, possession of alcohol by people under the age of 21, or DUI. If it is illegal in your home state, chances are it is illegal in Florida. Conversely, if it is legal in your state, it may not ne legal in Florida.

Know Your Rights

I always tell my clients that police officers have 1000% street authority.  They may not be right, but they are in control.  That said, you don’t have to agree with what’s happening, but you should be respectful.    Let me deal with law enforcement and I’ll clean up the mess for you.

Apart from being respectful, you don’t need to answer their questions and you certainly don’t have to consent to anything. You should give the officer your name and date of birth, but you should tell them that you would like to speak to your lawyer or have your lawyer present before answering any further questions.  Those are the magic words to stop them from questioning you or asking you for consent to search your person, vehicle, or home/hotel room.

You have the right to an attorney. Exercising this right is vital to protecting your future.

Do I Have to Come Back to South Florida for Court?

After an arrest or a Promise to Appear Citation (PTA), in Miami-Dade County, you will need to come back to court.  If you are charged with a misdemeanor, we can waive your appearance and you never have to come to court.  We can appear on your behalf.  If you are charged with a felony, we can waive most court appearances, but you may have to travel back to Florida to deal with your case.

If you get in trouble on Spring Break, call Piotrowski Law today. They have a team of experienced, dedicated, and reliable attorneys who are ready to fight for you today. They represent individuals from all over the United States and all over the world that come to Miami and run into problems with the law.  Don’t let a single mistake impact your whole life. Call (305) 204-5000 today.


Chad Piotrowski - post author

Chad Piotrowski is a criminal defense attorney in Miami, Florida. He is a former Miami-Dade Prosecutor and has practiced criminal law, exclusively, for more than 10 years.

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